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We at Tlakula Occupational Health Services realise the importance of keeping employees healthy.

Tlakula Occupational Health Services is an Occupational Health and Safety service provider in South Africa specialising in workplace health and safety.

Our expert knowledge of the industry provides us with the experience to competently assist our clients with the best possible service in this industry.

Occupational Health

Health Risk Assessments

A thorough health risk assessment to identify areas of non-compliance with current legislation, as well as areas of potential risk.

Occupational Health

Employee Health Management

Tlakula Occupational Health Services (TOHS) will evaluate employees for non-occupational illnesses and provide appropriate treatment.

Occupational Health

Pre-placement Examinations

The pre-placement or pre-employment examination serves two vital occupational health and safety functions.

Occupational Health

Periodical Examinations

To minimise health and safety risk in the workplace, we offer regular health examinations for employees and executives who do not work in hazardous environments.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Clinics allow us to offer onsite medical testing for companies and businesses that require occupational and medical screening for staff.

Drug Testing

We will assist an organisation in implementing a clear substance abuse policy which covers all forms of testing, as well as performing regulation drug testing.

Medical Surveillance Examinations

The purpose of the medical surveillance examination is early detection of work-related medical illnesses to ensure measures are taken to prevent serious disability or death.

Return-to-work Programmes

In the event of injury or illness, companies can adopt return-to-work programmes as a way to ensure employees re-join the workforce as soon as possible.



Tlakula Occupational Health Services


Tlakula Occupational Health Services (TOHS) is a 100% black-owned and operated occupational health and safety management company, established in 2006.

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