Return-to-work Programmes

In the event of injury or illness, companies can adopt return-to-work programmes as a way to ensure employees re-join the workforce as soon as possible.

The focus of the programme is easing the transition for employees returning to work.

A certified occupational medical practitioner (OMP) from Tlakula Occupational Health Services (TOHS) will perform a number of roles for this programme, including:

  • Evaluating candidates for the return-to-work programme, establishing an understanding of the duties required of the employee, and restrictions the employer can accommodate.
  • Determining whether the employee can return to full-time or part-time work, to regular duty, or to modified duty.
  • If the worker is returning to a modified-duty programme, the duties will be tailored according to the employee’s interests and capabilities.
  • Employees will be assisted with a gradual transition back to their regular jobs while performing as many of their usual duties as possible. Modified duty will be discussed in detail with the employee and supervisor.
  • Collaborating with management, the duration of modified duty will be determined and responsibilities added as the employee’s condition improves.

The benefits of employing a return-to-work programme include:

  • Lower insurance costs
  • Enhanced retention of skilled workers
  • Better employee relations

At Tlakula Occupational Health Services all our medical services are performed by qualified medical professionals and follow the details set by the Medical Professional Health Council in South Africa.

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