Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace pose huge health and safety risks, particularly in critical environments operating dangerous machinery or using potentially harmful chemicals.

Occupational Health Services (TOHS)is able to assist with implementing substance abuse programmes to ensure drug testing in line with current legislation, protecting both the employer and the rights of the employee.

TOHS will assist an organisation in implementing a clear substance abuse policy which covers all forms of testing, as well as performing regulation drug testing. For drug testing, TOHS ensures the chain of custody procedure is followed so that no tampering is allowed. This involves securing the applicant’s signature, procedural specimen sealing and sending the sample to the laboratory for testing.

Companies can implement drug testing in the following circumstances:

  • The pre-placement physical – the certified occupational medical practitioner (OMP) can request urine and blood samples for testing purposes
  • The annual physical examination
  • For cause testing – random drug testing, however a medical examiner must also ensure symptoms are not the result of a medical condition
  • Following a workplace accident

A positive result will be further tested for final approval. The indication of prescription drugs in the specimen will require the applicant to produce a medical letter. A positive drug test may result in disciplinary action or termination. The individual might also be referred to an Employee Assistance Programme or for professional evaluation. Those testing positive for illegal drugs after an accident may be denied unemployment, workers’ compensation, or disability benefits.

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