Disability or Incapacity Management

An estimated one out of five employees will use short-term disability during the working years.

Many companies might provide short-term disability programmes for employees,however, many employers neglect to control the length of absenteeism resulting in significant loss in productivity.

To prevent this, a certified occupational medical practitioner (OMP) from Tlakula Occupational Health Services (TOHS) will review each disability case as part of the disability management services. This will include:

  • Comparing the length of disability given by the personal physician with accepted standards for that disability. If the length of disability is excessive for a diagnosis, additional information can be obtained to affirm the reason.
  • Performing an independent medical examination (IME) of the disabled individual in the event that the company‚Äôs case manager or disability insurance representative disagrees with the employee’s personal physician about the length of disability. The report will determine a return-to-work date and the length of time the employee will receive disability pay.
  • Consideration given to the type of work performed by the employee as durations of disability are significantly shorter for clerical workers than for manual labourers.

Our expert knowledge of the industry provides us with the experience to competently assist our clients with the best possible service in this industry.

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